A Haibun: Divine Consciousness

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brain Power.”

A man gazes at the night sky and his mind expands. But not in the way he expects.

Truths are exposed

written in ancient starlight–

God is whispering.

I was outside near the creek when it happened. Night descended and the cooling darkness silenced the thrum of insects and other life. The new moon spun a web of blackness all around and revealed a million white pinholes in the sky. Lying down, I looked up through my binoculars and the millions became billions. As I settled into my reverie, the lights brightened and the gentle creek sounds grew to a rushing in my ears. I put down the lenses, but the stars only seemed to draw closer, inviting me to join them, caressing my mind with a cleansing radiance. Floating dreamlike. Lost in light. Is this the end? No. For you, this is just the beginning.

A voice without sound

awakens new consciousness,

 and I am afraid.

From a tangle of brambles, I opened my eyes to the grey-blue morning. Icy dew stung my raw skin. My mind was strange and filled with symbols and geometries. And as I looked about, I saw things. Dry earth, cracked stone, faces filled with blazing light. Things not just as they are, but as they once were. And as they one day will be. In the whirring of the birds and rippling of the creek, I heard a sermon. Your mind is unlocked. Now show them the beauty of seven suns. You are my herald. You will stop the great wheel. You are the end of everything.

Dharma is no more

the world calls for destruction

I ran far away.


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