About the Scrivener

I am an attorney, which means I write for a living. A “scrivener,” if you will. Contrary to all those Law & Order episodes you’ve seen, writing is really just about all most lawyers do. I’ve practiced across many areas, ranging from criminal to civil rights to political asylum. And I’ve heard plenty of crazy stories from inmates, cops, and plain, normal folks who find themselves in difficult and bewildering situations – people in need. But for all the amazing tales told in the lawyer’s office, the judge’s chambers, or the snitch’s cell, legal writing remains dry and lifeless. This is my effort to break free from the prosaic, and engage in some creativity.

The Scrivener, like all legal writers, is not a risk taker. He fears errors. An ambiguous word, an inadvertent omission. A sentence fragment, or other embarrassment. But “the scrivener’s error” refers to a type of mistake that courts are often willing to forgive. This endeavor may turn out to be my error. But it is one that I am hoping, you, the reader, are willing to forgive.


This place looks awfully familiar.


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